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Saturday, March 12, 2011

CNN News: Japan

If you are not aware of the situation in Japan, then you are an idiot! In this very moment I am watching CNN.
Ok, so basically Japan is in chaos, the earthquake was estimated as 9.0 in the Ritcher scale, the strongest recorded in Japan for many many years, right NOW in google there is this sort kind of "missing people search" and NOW there are about 67,800 japanese missing! However 3000 people has been found.
In Fukushima Prefecture there seems to be a nuclear meltdown!(the accidental damage of a nuclear reactor due to overheating) Thankfuly Japan is not going to receive heavy rainfall in the south therefore cities such as Tokyo and Sendai are not to be concern for radioactivity to affect them (if the winds dont affect as much as they are, cuz they are moving north towards them), however, in Fukushima the evacuations of citizens are starting. In ddittion to this, 2.5 million citizen were without elecrical energy. APPARENTLY A SECOND REACTOR IS GOING TO GO THROUGH MELTDOWN TOO!!!

Also countries such as England, China, South Korea and USA are sending help such as rescue dogs, water and food supplies, Rescue Teams, etc.
The tsunami that hit Japan has also caused mayor economic problems, one of them is that the flood has literally destroyed crops. Including other problems, such as the destruction of houses, buildings, automobiles, etc.

Japan's convenience stores are LITERALLY EMPTY, you can clearly see the stores with no bread or water.
To  understand this situation, please look at the videos below...


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