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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Important news! New decision!

Ok everyone, we have gotten into a new and very important decision...
We will exclusively write only about: Alice Nine, The GazettE and Miyavi (cuz they are our top 3 favorite!) 

Now we present you the newest vids (we could find):

Alice Nine 
(Gemini-I-the void) 

The GazettE
(Shiver) LIVE

(Super Hero) 

We will also post video news (videos that have the most recent outcomes of this amazing bands, either their personal life or a new album or single!)

Anette: Please look forward to our new releases! *takes camera*

Andrea: Anette if you are trying to take secret photos of Saga again you will end up in jail! *grabs Anette by the collar and walk away*

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