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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Types of Mothers...

Hello everyone, Mother's Day is coming soon so i just wanted to open up a bit of what i believe. I believe that there are 4 types of mothers that this world has, this are:

#1.- Those who are meant to be call "mom"
 These ones are lovable, nice, caring and beautiful. They love their kids dearly, scold them when they do wrong, punish them when they behave bad (not torture), listen to them when they are in pain and most importantly: they say that they love them AND they prove it with their actions. You might not value them now, but when you dont have them with you, you feel a gap in your chest.

#2.- Those who dont deserve to be called "mom"
 "Parents can't hate their children" <-- this is what many people say, but parents CAN hate their very own children. There are mothers that hate, detest and loathe their own kids, they see them as a burden and in most cases their kids are abandoned, throw away and  physical and psychological abuse is involve. These women have no love what-so-ever. Most of you have heard cases of babies found in trash cans, so these women do exist.

#3.- Those who want to be called "mom"
  In this case these mothers want to see themselves as good mothers. they say "i love you", they bring you little gives once on a while and also scold you or punish you. Sounds good...? These women DONT love their children, they have small moments when they like their own kids, in the very moment their kids do something wrong, they splash in their faces what they did  wrong, embarass you in front of others, insult you in your face or they do it behind your back. these women DONT love you, they LIKE you. 

Until now, we have spoke of those that have raised a child, what about those who dont?

4.- Those who can't be called "mom"
  I have wonder at times: what hurts more, the pain of giving birth to a baby you dont want (for example rape) or wanting to have a baby and you can't? These women who cant have kids have a bigger mother instinct, (when i say that they cant have kids, i do not mean exclusively that women cant physically have them, i also mean for her partner). I believe that these women are strong and even though they cant bear a child they can adopt, but some choose not to. they have the capacity, the love, and can handle the responsability to be a mother.

I wanted to open up a bit about this...
I believe that there are some women that deserve to be mothers and some that don't. 
Those of you that wish and want to become future mothers beware what you say and do.

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