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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You "love2sayduh"

  Long time ago (REALLY long time ago) i made my first friend in 1st grade, her name is Lisa Wong Un and today on May 10th she just turn 17!!
 Even though i cant see ya at all and i cant hug you right now, i wish you the best Lisa!! The reason that i can see her is because she is currently living in Macao, China. therefore i can only send her my congrats from where i am.
 Hope you had enjoy your day Lisa. I love you and please take care!! *cries and sobs*
 The reason why i wrote "love2sayduh" is because that was the username she used in a website we used to visit a lot name quizilla, but now we dont go to that web page anymore. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hetalia Visitors, Winner: America-kun!

Oh man i am soooo glad!!! 
Right now i checked my status (i do it once on a while) ans saw visitors from other countries and i felt sooooooo HAPPY cuz there are countries that appear in Hetalia Axis Powers!! (i am a super anime and manga fan), so we will personally thank those countries by order of most views:

1.- America "You will be my back-up and i will be...THE HERO!!"

 Until recently i started to like America-kun, i cant belieive he is so hot!!! And what made me change my mind and consider America-kun a hottie, watch the video below:


This is the price that America receives! Because the largest number of visitors we had are from America-kun they get this special present! Extra pics and a vid! 

Let's see who will be the next country that has given us more visits and that is.... *tick tick tick* awwww it seems like time is up, sorry folks and my next post we will find out who will be our second place, but now America gets the prize!!!  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today is the day Hiro-pon turn 26 years old!!! Yes today May 4th, thank you for been one more day with us Hiroto-sama and of course some music will be played! First some basic info from an interview:


1. Date of birth
      >May 4th
2. Blood Type

3. Birthplace

4. Height, weight

5. Shoe size
      >25.5cm – 26 cm
6. Ring size
      >about size 9-17

7. habit, favorite phrase
      > clicking or snapping my fingers, “Well, that’s it!”

8. Favorite Color

9. Brand of cigarette
       > Lucky Strike Menthol cigarettes

10. Favorite fashion brand
       >Velvet lounge/Apple Ic.

11. Favorite perfume

12. Model of your cellular phone & ring tone
        >MEDEA SKIN, pipipipi-
13. Favorite Food
         > white ice

14. Food you hate
15. Presents that made you happy
         >I pod

16. Presents that you gave that made people happy
         >My family was very glad when I gave them a trip
(*aww! How sweet!!)

17. Things you look fro in a woman

18. things that turn you off(women)

19. Favorite fashion of girls
        > I don’t have one…

20. Ideal date course
        > A park in my neighborhood – yeah, let’s go to see—fireworks—a park in my neighborhood

21. What makes your heart flutter?
        > When a girl stumbles and she is embarrassed
(*you evil man *-* you want your girl to die!!)

22. A name that you want to name your child

23. Your treasure?
        >people around alice nine
(* sweet!!)

24. A worry
        >I don’t do lives this days

25. A time when you feel happy
        > when I eat white rice

26. Person who you want to see now the most
        >Akira Funato

27. If you would make 3 wishes, what would they be?
        > 1. After 10 years, we will be more simulative band.
           2.I want to go to Kyoto for a week.
           3. I want to repair my broken pendant head.

28. Favorite time
        > about 2 hours in lives

29. Favorite entertainer
        > Masanobu Andou

30. Entertainer who said to look like you
         > Mister Donut

31. A musician friend
         >My brother, Aki

32. What you care about recently ?

33. How do you spend your days off?
          > I go to electric shop, and then go to Kyoto.

34. What type of room do you live now?
         > All my furniture is black, and I have there a few indoor plants.

35. Favorite artist
          >Telefon Tel Aviv

36. Artist who you were influenced by
          > INORAN

37. What you bought recently?
          > New illustrator

38. A project that you want to do in SHOXX in future?
          >To appear on the cover one by one!! I’ll do my best!

39. how you relieve stress?
          > I look up at the sky.

40. If you don’t become a musician you would have…
         > who are you?..
(* oh great..(-_-))

41. If you could go back to your past, when would you go back to?
         >In the past there were both good and bad things, which makes the present.
(*nice answer PON!)

42. Why?
        > Ah, I said it above.

43. What would you do the day before the world ended?
         >I wont to do rock with members.

44. Your Ideal person
         > a man who is naturally considerate.

45. Please tell us other members’ secrets…
         > please tell me if someone knows anything.

46. Your motto
          > There is nothing that can’t be done if you give it a try.

47. Something to say to yourself now…

48. Something that you would say to yourself 10 years from now.
          > How many gigabytes does your I pod have now?

49. Something you want to tell each member.
           Shou– Your singing in the album was so cool!!!!
           Tora – your guitar playing in the album was so cool!!! Don’t worry about cockroaches.
(*XD It was     so funny!! I remember when hiroto said, Tora was extremely afraid of cockroaches and he almost want to cut the cockroach in to two pieces using a scissor!! hAHAH!!)
           Saga – Your bass playing in the album was so cool!!!!
           Nao – Your dum playing in the album was so cool!!!!

50. Your goal in future
          > I’ll tran both my body and my mind, and will do more original guitar playing. And I’ll make the band even cooler!

Yes, this IS basic information about Hiroto-sama!!
Let's hear a song, but not just any song! A song of one of Hiroto-sama's favorite bands: Nine Inch Tails!!

A little rock never ills you, well, i know that Hiroto likes peaches!

For you Hitoro-sama a peach cake!!!
Now let's dance with some Alice Nine music!! *turns stereo to max volume*

Ok people, i am very sorry to tell you that this party is now over (awwwwww) yes i know, i know i am an excellent host, but look forward to our next party and the guy will be....
 the sexy nose-wrapped hottie: Reita!!

Wait patiently until May 27th!

Pon-chan aishiteru!! honto honto aishiteru!! *kisses in the cheek* thanks for reading and attending this party! See ya next time! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dedication to France!

Hello everyone, i was just now checking my status and figured out that French people has seen my blog!! *applause to France*. thank you so much for you support, anyways i would like to inform you that i am a of the French music, in this case i would like to dedicate some songs to this french band that has a relation with Japan they are: KYO!  
They have excellent songs! My favorite is: Le Chemin!
Original vid!
Hetalia Version

Merci France!