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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hetalia Visitors, Winner: America-kun!

Oh man i am soooo glad!!! 
Right now i checked my status (i do it once on a while) ans saw visitors from other countries and i felt sooooooo HAPPY cuz there are countries that appear in Hetalia Axis Powers!! (i am a super anime and manga fan), so we will personally thank those countries by order of most views:

1.- America "You will be my back-up and i will be...THE HERO!!"

 Until recently i started to like America-kun, i cant belieive he is so hot!!! And what made me change my mind and consider America-kun a hottie, watch the video below:


This is the price that America receives! Because the largest number of visitors we had are from America-kun they get this special present! Extra pics and a vid! 

Let's see who will be the next country that has given us more visits and that is.... *tick tick tick* awwww it seems like time is up, sorry folks and my next post we will find out who will be our second place, but now America gets the prize!!!