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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today is the day Hiro-pon turn 26 years old!!! Yes today May 4th, thank you for been one more day with us Hiroto-sama and of course some music will be played! First some basic info from an interview:


1. Date of birth
      >May 4th
2. Blood Type

3. Birthplace

4. Height, weight

5. Shoe size
      >25.5cm – 26 cm
6. Ring size
      >about size 9-17

7. habit, favorite phrase
      > clicking or snapping my fingers, “Well, that’s it!”

8. Favorite Color

9. Brand of cigarette
       > Lucky Strike Menthol cigarettes

10. Favorite fashion brand
       >Velvet lounge/Apple Ic.

11. Favorite perfume

12. Model of your cellular phone & ring tone
        >MEDEA SKIN, pipipipi-
13. Favorite Food
         > white ice

14. Food you hate
15. Presents that made you happy
         >I pod

16. Presents that you gave that made people happy
         >My family was very glad when I gave them a trip
(*aww! How sweet!!)

17. Things you look fro in a woman

18. things that turn you off(women)

19. Favorite fashion of girls
        > I don’t have one…

20. Ideal date course
        > A park in my neighborhood – yeah, let’s go to see—fireworks—a park in my neighborhood

21. What makes your heart flutter?
        > When a girl stumbles and she is embarrassed
(*you evil man *-* you want your girl to die!!)

22. A name that you want to name your child

23. Your treasure?
        >people around alice nine
(* sweet!!)

24. A worry
        >I don’t do lives this days

25. A time when you feel happy
        > when I eat white rice

26. Person who you want to see now the most
        >Akira Funato

27. If you would make 3 wishes, what would they be?
        > 1. After 10 years, we will be more simulative band.
           2.I want to go to Kyoto for a week.
           3. I want to repair my broken pendant head.

28. Favorite time
        > about 2 hours in lives

29. Favorite entertainer
        > Masanobu Andou

30. Entertainer who said to look like you
         > Mister Donut

31. A musician friend
         >My brother, Aki

32. What you care about recently ?

33. How do you spend your days off?
          > I go to electric shop, and then go to Kyoto.

34. What type of room do you live now?
         > All my furniture is black, and I have there a few indoor plants.

35. Favorite artist
          >Telefon Tel Aviv

36. Artist who you were influenced by
          > INORAN

37. What you bought recently?
          > New illustrator

38. A project that you want to do in SHOXX in future?
          >To appear on the cover one by one!! I’ll do my best!

39. how you relieve stress?
          > I look up at the sky.

40. If you don’t become a musician you would have…
         > who are you?..
(* oh great..(-_-))

41. If you could go back to your past, when would you go back to?
         >In the past there were both good and bad things, which makes the present.
(*nice answer PON!)

42. Why?
        > Ah, I said it above.

43. What would you do the day before the world ended?
         >I wont to do rock with members.

44. Your Ideal person
         > a man who is naturally considerate.

45. Please tell us other members’ secrets…
         > please tell me if someone knows anything.

46. Your motto
          > There is nothing that can’t be done if you give it a try.

47. Something to say to yourself now…

48. Something that you would say to yourself 10 years from now.
          > How many gigabytes does your I pod have now?

49. Something you want to tell each member.
           Shou– Your singing in the album was so cool!!!!
           Tora – your guitar playing in the album was so cool!!! Don’t worry about cockroaches.
(*XD It was     so funny!! I remember when hiroto said, Tora was extremely afraid of cockroaches and he almost want to cut the cockroach in to two pieces using a scissor!! hAHAH!!)
           Saga – Your bass playing in the album was so cool!!!!
           Nao – Your dum playing in the album was so cool!!!!

50. Your goal in future
          > I’ll tran both my body and my mind, and will do more original guitar playing. And I’ll make the band even cooler!

Yes, this IS basic information about Hiroto-sama!!
Let's hear a song, but not just any song! A song of one of Hiroto-sama's favorite bands: Nine Inch Tails!!

A little rock never ills you, well, i know that Hiroto likes peaches!

For you Hitoro-sama a peach cake!!!
Now let's dance with some Alice Nine music!! *turns stereo to max volume*

Ok people, i am very sorry to tell you that this party is now over (awwwwww) yes i know, i know i am an excellent host, but look forward to our next party and the guy will be....
 the sexy nose-wrapped hottie: Reita!!

Wait patiently until May 27th!

Pon-chan aishiteru!! honto honto aishiteru!! *kisses in the cheek* thanks for reading and attending this party! See ya next time! 

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